Is your worn out driveway ready for replacement? Maybe its time to upgrade from a gravel driveway to the benefits of asphalt?

  We understand the importance of communicating current project conditions and adjustments in the project schedule with the Owner/General Contractor.  We will effectively communicate needed information in a timely manner with potential solutions and corrective actions.

 What good is production and communication without doing it in a safe manner?  It is our responsibility to create a safe working environment for employees, subcontractors, and the public.  Production or profit will never take precedence over safety, period.




In need of an outdoor living area, fireplace or kitchen? Precast pavers and stone always compliment each other well. 

 Providing Excavation and Heavy Construction related contracting in the Central Oregon area.  With local knowledge and experience in this beautiful area we all love, we are the first contractor to call on your next excavation  project.



 A complex project can be a logistical nightmare. Without proper management, cost control can be extremely difficult.  We will provide you with an accurate bid at competitive pricing for what your project requires.  Let us demonstrate our management capabilities on your upcoming project. 

Integrity & 


Stairways, patios, curbs or sidewalks.  Adding new concrete or replacing existing concrete can really add a nice touch.


We have built relationships with key subcontractors who will help contribute to the success of your project.  Below are a few examples of what we can help with.




  From the very first interaction with South Fork Excavation your experience will be different.  Not different from what you should expect, but different from what many others deliver.  If we set up an appointment to meet at your site, we will arrive on time and prepared for that meeting.  Once we have discussed your options and we have decided the route you wish to take.  We will provide you with a complete and thorough quote that won't take forever for you to receive.  If the quote looks acceptable and we have answered all of your questions, we can set a schedule.   The schedule will be met and the progress will be clearly communicated to keep the owner informed.  Upon project completion, we (Contractor & Owner) will do a walkthrough of the project to make sure the work was completed to your expectations. If corrective actions are needed, they will be performed in a timely manner.  This is just part of our promise to you, our customer.